WHAT IS THE ATARIBOX? First Look At The NEW Console!

Atari, one of pioneers of the home game industry is making a supposed return after 20 years of being out of the console race with – Ataribox.


Okay seriously, if you’re a gamer, or even if you’re not – let me ask, what does the name AtariBOX remind you of? C’mon, everybody knows the answer to this…

Sega Dreamcast, of course. (Just kidding)

So, we don’t know anything about the Ataribox. Is it marketed as a retro games console? Is it a current gen console meant to compete with the Xbox One and Playstation 4? Or is it a hybrid system reaching a unique audience the say the Nintendo Switch is doing successfully?

We don’t know anything, but you can find the best information about such console games on GameMite.

According to this Wizard Slots review, all we know is they’re revealing more of what it looks like. So far, no controller is shown. Just the console itself – and the box.

So far, there’s two styles confirmed – a red and black version and a more classic black and wood grain version.

Guess we’ll see as more news comes out about this.

What do you think? Do you want one? I may be getting my hopes up… but if Atari can come back in this way, is there an opportunity for another famous video game company to make a comeback? You know… starts with an “S”, ends with an “A” and is the parent company that owns that little blue hedgehog?

One can only DREAM (cast).

Uh… anyway. Long live Atari.

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