Apple Watch Unveiled Today!

The day’s not over ladies and gents and neither is Apple with releasing new information about their upcoming products! Just a moment ago, Apple announced their Apple Watch line to coincide with their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announcement.


So far, we know that they will be releasing various versions. Just like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the new upcoming Apple Watch will come in a standard and bigger size which includes the size of the device itself and its display as well as the wrist bands.

There are also a variety of colors such as standard black, gold trim or silver trim.

Apple Watch will also come in three collections: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition which will be based on personal style and taste. This simply means you’ll have a wide range of Apple Watch styles to choose from based on color of the device and color and style of watch bands.

The Apple Watch also has a retina display and includes a “digital crown” which is akin to more traditional watches that bore a turning crown toggle to browse through options – which is handy as the display is rather small and would prevent your finger from tapping on the screen and block the content you’re trying to view.

More details are coming in but are you down for this upcoming Apple Watch?

Chime in the comments below!

PS – The cost is $349. Is this a good price point in your opinion?


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