How To Blog DAILY And Enjoy It!

As a blogger, you know that being consistent is pretty important when it comes to creating content. With that in mind, you try to set your schedule to include writing a blog daily, I mean, how hard can it be, right? It’s just one article a day…

Sure, you get a few good blog articles out the door, but as the days go on you realize…huh… I’m running out of ideas… what now?

Then you miss a day…and that day turns to a week…

…and that week turns into a month!

Is Blogging A CHORE Or A Pleasure?

computer-exhaustionMost bloggers enjoy what they do. They enjoy writing about things that interests them and thus, interests others. It’s easy to build a readership when you enjoy writing because other people can pick up on that. If blogging is a chore for you, then chances are, most people are going to sense that about you in your writings…so, let’s be real here – you’re not gonna fool anybody.

If you like blogging, then GREAT, keep it going! If you don’t like blogging, well, my friend… it may be difficult at first, but I have some good tips to get you to enjoy blogging:

How Can I Learn To Enjoy Blogging?



I may come off as a nagging parent from your days in high school, but if you want to enjoy writing – you’re going to have to enjoy READING! The written word comes in a full circle, meaning that both reading and writing go hand-in-hand: You have to enjoy both if you want to enjoy either one.

Now, let me explain another benefit reading has for the aspiring blogger:

Reading literally GIVES you ideas to blog about!!!

Perhaps the biggest discouragement that keeps blog writers from being successful is they don’t feel they have enough to talk about… But HEY, if you’re reading books (particularly ones within your niche) then you’re GIVEN topics to discuss!

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It’s like someone is LITERALLY handing you ALL the material you could ever need to put on your blog… You would have material to write on for the next year even!

I read a book a few months ago called “The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker (BUY IT NOW: Click Here) and  as I was reading through the book, I blogged and made videos for my YouTube every day based on the material I was learning from it. I didn’t have to think hard, nor did I have to go out looking for what to talk about – I HAD IT IN THE PALM OF MY HANDS!!!!

I mean, this particular book is a few hundred pages… Just how many ways can I break this thing up into individual topics?

Reading books gives you everything you could possibly talk about in your blog… and there are infinite amounts of books within many niches in all of literature! 

So this really cuts out ALL your effort right there. All you need to do is READ and WRITE.



Okay, nothing pales in comparison to reading a book in order to get topics for your blog, but let’s just say you’re a little lazier than I am 😉 Hard to fathom, I’m sure!

Anyway, movies are a good resource for material as well… provided you choose the right movies! No, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight are NOT going to enlighten you on making an income from home, so put that bluray disc away!

No… what you need to watch are movies that relate to your story. I recommend the underdog movies and movies directed by underdogs. One notable director who I enjoy is Tyler Perry. I love his story and I enjoy… most of his movies. Tyler Perry came from literally nothing and became a multi-millionaire with hard work!

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Don’t believe me? Listen to what Tyler Perry has to say on his success: 


[youtube id=”xhiuI7u1P7w” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Now why do I suggest watching Tyler Perry’s movies? Well, because you’ll see there are subtle influences behind his movies reflecting his own testimony.His own life and experiences are hidden within his movies.

Also, I’m a BIG advocate for following after successful people who give back.

Here are some movies I HIGHLY recommend watching:

(NOTE: These recommendations are not for how they rank in the box office or the language and violence, they’re recommended based on their underlying themes that can motivate you)

  • After Earth – Will Smith is INSANELY inspirational! His topic on fear in this movie blew my mind! This wasn’t an incredible movie by “movies standards” but theme wise… it’s just incredible!
  • The Pursuit of Happyness – Another Will Smith movie that chronicles the real life story of Chris Gardner. What I love most about this movie is this one scene where Will’s character is telling his son that whatever he wants… to get it. End of story. I love the motivation of this movie!
  • Get Rich Or Die Trying – This story chronicling 50 Cent’s rise from the streets to success is just great! I’m a New Yorker myself, so of course I gotta show love to this guy.
  • 8 Mile – The story of Eminem. Another film about an underdog rising through the ranks. While you don’t see him become rich and famous at the end, and yeah, there are quite a few unnecessary scenes in it, this movie still gives me chills when I hear the “Lose Yourself” title track at the end.
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There’s plenty more out there, but those are just three of my personal faves.


Hang With Other People

Success begets success. One of the reasons you’re not successful right now, I can almost guarantee, is because you’re surrounded by negative people! Chances are, you probably don’t even know it! Now, if you’re parents are negative or if your spouse is negative, does that mean you need to pull away from them? Of course not. What it means is you need to find some positive friends who believe you can achieve anything!

Trust me, if you believe in yourself but you only surround yourself with people who think you should just “get a job”… they’ll become like an anchor around your neck and you’ll just sink back into the state you were in.

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