Brain Is Better Than Bread

I was checking out other people’s blogs and came across this interesting article or poem… I think…

I liked it very much! I think it’s a great way to look at how people think when it comes to success and the fundamental reason why people fail at it. I’m re-posting it here, and giving props to the original author for writing it 🙂 Sometimes things just inspire you… and this poem has inspired me, so thank you!

Without further adieu:

Written by: Samuel A. Bakutana

I will put TRUTH — the whole truth — nothing but the truth — very simply and in one sentence:

“Stop Begging God for Bread and Butter, But Rather Beseech Him for a Better Brain!”

Brain is better than Bread.

Don’t ask for money, creativethinkingbut a money-making brain.

Brain is better than Bread.

Don’t ask for food but a brain that knows where food is got and how one can have it.

Brain is better than Bread.Stop asking the government for goats to rear but an entrepreneurial brain.

Brain is better than Bread.

When will you stop asking for fish, and not a brain that knows how to fish?

Friend, Brain is better than Bread.

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