Should You Buy A Playstation 4 Pro or Playstation 4 Slim?

With the recent release of the PS4 Slim and the upcoming PS4 PRO, which of the two should YOU BUY??

Here are my thoughts on the whole new Playstation 4 Pro and the Playstation 4 Slim…

Playstation 4 Pro

It looks like a sandwich… It’s nice on the internal side of things and I know people will appreciate the matte plastic as opposed to the glossy top of the original, but I wouldn’t put this on a vertical stand. It just doesn’t look like something I would display proudly on top of my entertainment center.

The 4K and GPU enhancements don’t see like enough to make me want to invest another few hundred bucks into it, especially when my original PS4 already got an update that allows for HDR playback and upscaling makes me plenty happy with my nice original PS4.

Playstation 4 Slim

This is simply Sony’s way of trying to save on materials in their production line. Happens every console generation. There’s a few minor differences on the internals but overall, it’s the exact same thing as the current console… just not as nice to look at.

I know that may not mean much to most gamers, but as a designer, I can’t help but pay attention to aesthetics.

Anyway, check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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