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  1. HENRY
    January 30, 2015 @ 4:27 pm

    Hey Jason, that was a great training, you are cutting a big learning curve to people giving away your experience…. thanks

    I have a question:
    1)what happen if I list an Item on ebay and then I go to amazon to purchase it and send it to the customer from ebay, but the item is not available anymore because somebody purchased on amazon first than me and that seller just had 1 item, what should I do?
    or you recommend me to check just items that have more than 10 quantity available.

    2) when the retails company ship stuff the customer will receive a page in the box, this item was ship from amazon, or wal-mart etc o won’t receive any page if i check ship as a gift.

    • The Blogging Rapper
      February 3, 2015 @ 12:30 am

      Hey Henry!!! So glad you’re enjoying this training!

      1) It’s important to keep track of the items you list on your eBay store from the beginning so I normally check my store and items once per week. IF this happens though, look through Amazon to see if anyone else is selling it.

      Another option is to look for another retailer that is selling the same item. Google search it and see which credible retailers are carrying that item for the same price point you found on Amazon.

      IF after that you still can’t find the product, issue a refund promptly.

      Usually I would just make sure I list items coming from the company directly so like with my example of Canon… I prefer listing their products that comes from Canon on Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.

      2) Correct. This “Ship as gift” will simply remove the price on the receipt. This is for Amazon, other retailers have other protocol.

  2. henry
    February 3, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

    thanks for let me know


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