How To Enable “HEY SIRI” Hands Free Voice Command on MacOS SIERRA

Enable “Hey Siri” Hands-Free Voice Command: Enable Hey Siri Command In macOS Sierra For Hands-Free Use, Here’s How

My THOUGHTS on MacOS Sierra, Overview

The “Hey Siri” voice command is not a native feature of the new MacOS Sierra, but what if I told you there was a little trick you could implement to get that feature on your Mac?

Well, the folks at Redmond Pie wrote an article about it – so here I am trying it out!

***UPDATE: Despite how it looks on the video, I found out that actually, it DID work! For some reason, it wouldn’t work when I was screencasting… maybe it takes up too much CPU or something. Maybe I’ll be able to capture it in a follow-up video. Point is, it DOES work for me now!***

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