How I discovered working less hours gets more done than working more hours

If you have a high work ethic, then you’ve probably bought into the ole system of belief of working long hard hours to get the most done.

Most offices have their employees work 40 hours per week, and even then people believe that there is not enough hours in the day to work.

This is all due to a misplacement in time. Most people (myself included) don’t know how to manage time well so more hours is a hopeful attempt to get target goals done.

BUT… that’s a fallacy and here’s why: 


Working Less Hours And Doing More

If you work 40 hours per week, what happens when an emergency occurs and you have to take a brief leave of absence? Let’s say you have someone in the hospital and you need to leave work early to tend to that person?

Well, you may notice that suddenly, you’re able to get your target goals miraculously done within a much shorter time frame so you can meet your other obligation.

There’s the trick.

When you have a stronger focus on the things you need done, you tend to do them rather quickly.

Because we’re so adapted into this industrial 40 hour work week, we tend to spread our attention and thus we let on to things like multi-tasking and little do we know – our goals become much less attainable.

So if there’s a way to cut your hours down and be more effective, would you want to do it?

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