How To Afford Your Dream Car


All right, let me start off by saying – I’ve never been a car person. To me, as long as my car gets me from point-a to point-b, I’m good.

That all changed when I found out I actually have a dream car that I didn’t even know I had… The Corvette Stingray 2015 with the Z51 performance package… It’s a real thing of beauty.

So is my theory that everyone has a dream car they just don’t know about it yet? Well, yeah. A dream car doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe you want an old beat up 80s Volkswagen that hippies used to drive… maybe you want a motorcycle… whatever it is, the price tag doesn’t make it a dream car – the passion and desire for it does.

Now just imagine sitting behind the wheel of that car and taking it all in. Imagine the view from the driver’s seat as you grip onto the steering wheel and adjust your mirrors for the first time. How, you’re pulling over your seat belt and buckling it just before turning that ignition… and hearing your car start up for the first time.

Yeah, everyone has a dream car. Which one is yours? Tell me in the comments section below!

Still, whether your dream car is worth $15,000 or in my case, $70,000 (yikes)… Cars cost a pretty penny. Yet, somehow you may notice a lot of people drive around in their own fancy cars. In fact the automobile market is a multi-billion dollar industry – so how can so many people seem to afford nice cars when it may seem that we can’t?

Well, the first reason is because we don’t really consider it. Having a nice car seems to be one of those things that we by default feel it’s only left to the wealthy to afford, but that brings me to my question – What makes you think YOU can’t be wealthy?

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Again, there’s this belief we have… We can’t afford nice things because we’re not wealthy and we’re not wealthy because…. well, just because.

Makes a lot of sense, don’t it?

So, affording a dream car in our belief is better left to the young and wealthy… bull.

The other reason could be because if we understand good cars aren’t affordable, we typically don’t have the desire of owning one. We make ourselves settle and we’re okay with a regular car that gets us to and from places.

Nothing wrong with that, I mean people attribute that to being modest and comfortable with the average… so does that mean we belief wealthy people are wrong for owning nice cars, big homes, etc?

Really think about that before you answer it…

If you had the money, trust me, you’ll want that car you’ve always wanted.

Now let’s get into the meat of this topic here, and that is…

How Can I Actually Afford To Buy The Car Of My Dreams?

No, you don’t need to sell a kidney or do lock yourself down to multiple jobs here… What you need to do is what I call – the ABC plan.

What does the ABC plan stand for? Oh, I’m so glad you asked…

A – Actualize Your Vision Into Reality

This means you need to make owning this car real to you. Trust me when I say EVERYTHING starts with the proper mindset. You can’t ever afford your car if you never at first believe you’ll one day own your own car. In fact, take out “One day” from your vocabulary… It’s so damaging to your belief system and it’s a complete put off. You’ll never reach that “one day” because like Annie says, it’s always a day away!

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Actualize your vision into realize, like the example I walked you through in the beginning of this article. Imagine owning it and imagine it sitting in your garage – RIGHT NOW. How does that feel? Pretty frigging good right?

When it finally is real… it’s going to feel even better!

In order to zero in on your plan to get your dream car you need to make it real to yourself. So, actualize your vision!

B – Break Yourself & See What Happens

Now what the heck does that mean? What happens to a glow stick when you break it? It illuminates! What happens when you chip away at a stone slab, breaking away bits and pieces? You create a sculpture – a beautiful work of art!

So with this, I’m challenging you to break away from who you usually are. Break away your disbeliefs and break away your limiting mindset. To achieve your desires you need to believe in your desires. Problem is, people are sooo stinking scared of change, risk, etc. But it’s the risk takers who get what they want.

When you can break away from who you currently are, you can see yourself realize your potential – and be a better you!

C – Consistently Seek Your Vision

When things don’t go our way, why do we give up? We get discouraged and let negative thoughts seep in. We need to step away from this thought process because if we keep this train of thought, we’ll never seek what we desire.

So when you have your plan and budget in place, the most powerful factor that will help you reach your goal is to BE-CONSISTENT. Never stop believing and never stop achieving. Sounds like a Tony Robbins quote, I’m sure, but I’m being for real. It may take some time and it may stretch you a bit, but you need to be consistent – always.

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Get Yourself An Extra Income – The Easy Way!

You may be in a situation where you can barely afford your living expenses let alone think about getting a new car. So, if you’re to apply the ABC plan as I laid out, how can you do so without the right income?

You’ll need to get an extra income, of course!

But, if I’m going to keep you encouraged I’m going to have to tell you right now – you DON’T need to go out and look for a second job. I’m sure you spend enough time away from your family and you don’t need to lose anymore valuable time with them.

The easy way is to create your own income from home.

Now there’s so many ways to do that – and I can help you figure that out.

I’ve been a home business coach for 3 years and come across many who have generated an online income. If you’d like to see what it takes (and it’s not complicated, even if you’re not computer savvy) I created a FREE video course that walks through what’s necessary.

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So once you’ve gone through this video series, connect with me on e-mail or Facebook and follow through with the ABC plan. I’ll meet you on the streets honking my horn at you from my beautiful new Corvette Stingray while you wave at me from YOUR dream car!