How To Overcome A Mental Block

I’m actually proving the rule is true by posting this very article. As the title suggests, we’re going to discuss How To Overcome A Mental Block.

Mental blocks can be troubling to a full-time blogger or anyone in a creative field from literature to art and design. When you know you need to be creative but somehow you’re drawing a blank… it’s devastating.

What happens when you have a routine of emailing your list of subscribers or need to get out your weekly video and such but you can’t muster any motivation or topic to bring to the attention of your audience?

Feel pretty much stuck, don’t ya?


First Step In Overcoming A Mental Block

Write about it. Seriously, I’m doing just that and as a blogger, the key to successful blogging is building an audience that can relate to you and in turn, gain some value from your insight. A few weeks ago, I was going through a fit of depression (I deal with depression on a regular basis) so I wrote an article titled Top 10 Ways To Treat Depression In 2015… Without Medication. Because I was going through it, I decided that was going to be my topic for that day – and it got a lot of attention after I posted it online.

So, because it’s worked once, I’m inclined to believe it can work again 🙂

This works because even if you think yourself to be completely original (heh, ain’t that a kick?) you’re probably not as original as you may think – which in this case is a GOOD thing because it means you’ll undoubtedly find people who can relate to your exact sentiments.

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Overcoming A Mental Block In Email, Content And Video Marketing

I’m a blogger, so it’s important for me to always have things to talk about. I could just use this blog as an opportunity to push whatever affiliate products I want to push and try to make some money… but people generally don’t appreciate that. If they’re on your email list, they’re trusting that you won’t mistreat the opportunity you have to contact them through such an intimate thing like having their email address.

So, it’s important to give them something they can personally relate with and learn from.

Unfortunately, giving your audience something they can relate and learn from is often the very  thing we get mental blocks for, so what do you do when you can’t think of anything valuable to discuss?

Again I say, talk about THAT.

When I was depressed, I wrote about it. Now that I have nothing to write about… I’m writing about that very thing.

It’s almost like the same formula that made Seinfeld so popular… It’s a show about nothing, which is exactly why it worked. People can relate to it.



When you know that your personal struggles are the same as your audience, you can provide the solution and have their attention and respect.

Will This Cure My Mental Block For The Long Term?

Sometimes we just have off days. Happens to everyone. When that does happen, just push through and remember to be relatable. We get inspired daily by randomness, so as soon as you post your content, you may no sooner find something that gets you right out of that slump and back into a content making machine mode!