Income Disclaimer

If I can be frank (“Ok, hi Frank – haha…”), there’s no guarantee that you will make ANY money if you follow my advice outlined in my blog articles and online offers. The reason for that is because the results are based on you and what action you take. You need to understand this isn’t a 9-5 job where if you punch a time card, you get paid based on your time. What I teach are principles for an entrepreneur wishing to start their own business. Entrepreneurs are rewarded based on results and monetary benefits is the outcome of the effort you put in.

What I teach offers you a path to building better finances and many who have do see results, however no one is guaranteed results, especially those who put little to no effort. You acknowledge that by following my advice, you are solely responsible for your own effort and results.

I do hope that you will find financial prosperity and it is my goal to get you there – just bare in mind I am legally obligated to inform you that you are not guaranteed to see any results. The ball is in your court, you are responsible for your own results.

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