Was IRON FIST Really All That BAD? | Iron Fist Season 1 Review

Marvel’s Iron Fist: Netflix’s Latest Hero or Zero?

Majority of reviews for season 1 of Iron Fist have been negative. For some reason, this latest Marvel TV series is getting a lot of flack for various reasons. I’m not entirely sure what those reasons are, but it seems many people tend to agree.

My question though is: Are these YOUR thoughts or are you somewhat influenced by the media’s view of the show?

I mean, Iron Fist in my opinion has all the requirements that make a show great – from action, to adventure to intriguing storyline, to romance and a little comedy. I watched the entire season in three days and I was hooked till the very end. I even appreciate the cliffhanger as it falls in line with the comics.

So if it was so good in my opinion, why do the majority think otherwise?

What Did YOU Think?

I’d like to know… If you’ve seen Iron Fist and it left a bad taste in your mouth, please, go ahead and drop your thoughts in the COMMENTS area below! I’d love to see what you have to say!