Let’s Talk About Niches, NOT Fishes…

If you haven’t eaten, I suggest you pick up a bag of chips and chomp on them while you’re reading today’s blog article. Today, we’re going to talk about niches and how you can find YOURS.

What Is A Niche?

what-is-your-nicheIn high school, they called it a “clique”. You know… the cool kids always sat together exclusively at the lunch table… the nerds were always together… the goths… you name it. What drew them together in their own little groups were their shared experiences and interests.

That’s a clique. In internet lingo, that’s a niche.

Simple enough, right? Well, it is!

When a blogger or internet marketer is looking for their niche, they’re trying to define the type of person that is representative of the whole group they are marketing towards… so as you venture off in your online endeavors, it’s important to think about who you’re niche is, or who it is you’re targeting.

Why Is A Niche Important?

You may be wondering if you can get by with just targeting EVERYBODY.. I mean, heck, you want to be as successful as possible right? Well, here’s your answer:

It is important to find your niche because online users are very specific for what they are looking for. If you can’t be specific enough, you won’t know who it is you’re targeting or how to target better.

That may have gone over your head, let me try this a better way:

If you don’t aim for a specific niche, you can’t test what works and what doesn’t work. Without knowing what works, you won’t know how to make it better. Also, when someone stumbles on your web page, you have about 8 seconds to keep their interest. If you don’t deliver EXACTLY what they’re looking for… they’ll continue their search elsewhere, and you’ve lost your chance to catch their attention.

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You have to be very focused… very targeted with your blog articles. Always keep in mind that you need to answer their question in 8 seconds. The rest of the content in your article is more of an after thought. IF you keep their attention, THEN they will read the rest of your article. 

That is why it is very important to find out who you’re writing for!

How Do I Find My Niche?

find-your-nicheWell, a good start is always figuring out who YOU are first. Look at yourself in a mirror (metaphorically or  literally if you prefer). Next, write down some details about yourself.

No… don’t write down about how cute you look… write down what YOU look for when YOU are searching on the internet for something. If it’s making money online or whatever subject you are passionate about, list what specifically you search for… and where you search for them!

If YOU are searching for that subject in that way, imagine how many more people are doing likewise?

I consider this a good start, because it should be fairly easy for you to develop content. If you are looking for ways to make money online, for example, and you discover one, well… make a blog about it and tell other people that are like yourself exactly what you found and how you found it. By doing this, you immediately relate to those who are like you and share your interests.

It’s easy to be passionate about your niche as well, because it’s natural for you. You were searching for this subject for yourself, so you can explore your emotions in your blog regarding it and share with the world!

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As you continue, you can naturally explore other niches because after all, I’m sure you have more than just ONE interest, am I right?

So Where Do I Start With My Niche Research?

After you’ve compiled your list of who you are and what interests you on the internet, begin with the one thing that 90% of all internet users use — Google. 

It’s a good idea to look up other bloggers and participate with comments. For one, you build relationships that can help bring some traffic to your site, but two, most blogs allow the use of linking back to your own blog – so it creates a back link! Back links are GREAT for ranking your website on search engines and you’ll need lots of that!

Finding your niche and developing your content around that niche is a natural growth and once you’ve figured that out, you will build long lasting results from it. This is how you put your business on auto pilot.

Figuring out what your niche is creates an opportunity to connect with a community, and delivering content to them is very rewarding! People are looking for answers, and if YOU can give it to them – you will build a good reputation and a good business that will eventually run itself!

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