MY AUTO MOBILE CODE REVIEW – Auto Mobile Code [Ronnie M, Giovani Leoni]

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Auto Mobile Code is an affiliate product created by Ronnie M and Giovani Leoni and was released on October 5th.

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Features of Auto Mobile Code:

Some of the qualifying features that you may find interesting are some of the following:

NO RESERVES – Some companies put your initial commissions or a percentage into a “pot” to keep the business working in your favor. In this case, there are no reserves which can help the affiliates in the short term to start building wealth right away.

NO REFUNDS – As a consumer, this may be a concern but as an affiliate, this is good news. Simply means you don’t have to worry about losing the commissions you’ve worked hard for.

FAST CPA PAYMENTS – Without refunds, there’s no need to wait on commissions to clear before you can get your payout. This means you get your cash a lot sooner.

What Exactly Is Auto Mobile Code?

Auto Mobile Code is based around a SMS (texting) platform. Essentially, it’s a tool to help you send mass text messages to a list of subscribers.

Having a list of subscribers is of course, the lifeblood of any business. In today’s age where most communication is done via a mobile smart device, SMS is actually increasing as an effective marketing tool.

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