Nintendo Switch FRUSTRATIONS

Can’t a fella just get a Nintendo Switch already? The Switch came out March 3rd, one day AFTER my 33rd Birthday (Hmm) and ya boy would’ve LOVED getting his hands on one in celebration of his special day – but noooooo. I didn’t pre-order and Nintendo seems to have made a success of their brand new console (let’s hope).

So I’ve been eyeing stock of retailers and waiting patiently to the day I get to play Legend Of Zelda BOTW. Waiting for the day I can hear that cool little “click” of the Joycon snapping in place of the Joycon dock or the Switch console itself… Waiting for the day I too can lick the tiny game cards to see just how foul they taste – and quickly regret it!

One day… oh, one day… *sigh*

Till then, enjoy this funny skit to go along with my frustrations.


Buy A Nintendo Switch (Console with Gray Joycons)

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