OMG Over $5,000 In My Vision Board Came True! Let Me Show You How To Do It!

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Let me show you how to build a vision board.

“But wait a minute… WHYYYY do I need to learn how to build a vision board?”

Let me ask you something – doesn’t it make more sense to have a plan written on paper that you can reference from anytime you want OR keep it all in your head and risk forgetting your plan whenever you get busy with life’s daily challenges?

Write it down.

Years ago I made my first ever dream board… had no idea people actually did this… I just wanted to put some pictures together of what I wanted and little descriptions of why I wanted them and in the next few months – I got just about EVERYTHING on that list!

Same thing happened when it came to finding the woman of my dreams to marry!

When I was single and lonely, I overheard a radio evangelist say to have a written list of what you want and to be as descriptive as possible – because when you get what you want and everything on the list is checked off, you have no other way of explaining it other than it being a work from God!

So I did just that…

…One year later, I met:

My Wife Brittny and Me

And yes, she met every criteria for my hand-written list! Want proof? Here’s what I asked God for:

  • Caucasian woman
  • Two years younger
  • Two inches shorter
  • Brown Hair
  • Blue Eyes
  • Beautiful smile
  • Sexy legs (yes, I’m a leg man)
  • Never been kissed, never dated, never had sex
  • Loves God more than me
  • Easy to talk to and nurturing
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The only detail I didn’t put in was the specific on where I wanted her to live. As a result… she wound up being in the one state I never wanted to go…


Still, 7 years later and one beautiful baby girl later… I’d say things are working out 🙂

So where’s your vision board?

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