I saw the movie on Saturday with my dad, going in with low expectations. Over the course of the months leading up to this, I found myself disagreeing with these so-called “reboot” ideas. Yes, I know it’s supposed to appeal to a new generation… yes, I knew all this going in – but still, I was hoping for a something that could satisfy my nostalgic appetite. Or at least give me something equally entertaining without ruining a beloved franchise.

I’m glad to say, I was pleasantly surprised!

The new Power Rangers movie is a refreshing new take that still pays respect to its roots in many ways. I was startled to see just how thorough this movie actually was. It definitely lived up to its expectations we all knew about – but it had more depth than I expected. That’s something I can appreciate.

I’ll let the video do the talking, but I will say I’m looking forward to a possible sequel – and I didn’t think I would say that.

Rating: 4/5

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