Setting Up Your Dream board in 7 Minutes

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Welcome back, class!

In today’s video, I’m going to walk you through each step to setting up your dream board – all in 7 minutes!

You should actually consider this a very fun activity, because this will help you to dream a little and put down all your fun wants and desires on paper.. then display them up proudly where you can see them every day.

While crafting your dream board (or vision board, however you want to call it), don’t let budget limit you. Just think of the things you really want.

As you’re building your dream board, think about those things coming to life and how it will feel to be able to look at it one day and confirm that you’ve made those dreams come to life in your world.

Truth is, people live out their dreams every day… The sad part is, you were lead to believe that wasn’t in the cards for your life…

Your life was to go to school, get a job, then work till you’re too old to contribute to society anymore.

Is that the life you dreamed of?

And why are there people driving red convertables and fishing around in personal yachts and you can’t even pay your rent?

There’s a reason… But first, let get the life you want on paper, then let’s go tackle them!

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