Shake Parties Can Be Fun… So, How Many Have You Had?

Visalus Shakes are delicious… I mean, my wife sold them for a while and she drank them two or three times per day.

She used to get creative with them too… adding cookies in the mix, peppermint… then she used to take pictures and post them on Facebook. They looked pretty darn good and tempting to the ones with a sweet tooth. So yes, Visalus Sciences or Body by Vi has a unique and delectable product that has helped thousands drop the pounds!

While their mission is noble (spread the news, share the health…WHO can hate that?) many people move from buyers of their product to sellers for one simple reason – they want to make money from home!

Visalus Shake Parties… Host A Party & Make A Sale… How’s That Going For Ya?

I think Visalus has GREAT products and I believe people can make a great living from it, I mean look at the proof:


BMW1How many people out there are reaching the goal of earning a BMW from selling Visalus shake mixes and other health products from Visalus Sciences? Quite a few and those live events back it up.

Not to mention, you got your celebrity endorsement from none other than my favorite wrestler, HULK HOGAN.

In order to reach that dream of financial freedom and driving around in your “TOLD-U-SO” car, you need to successfully host shake parties and make some sales…

This is totally possible… but how many shake parties have you hosted and made sales from lately?

Are you pulling in enough sales month to month?

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How close are you to getting that BMW?

My Wife Didn’t Want To Do Shake Parties, So We Tried Something Else!

transformation-kitFor two years, my wife and I struggled with our finances. I couldn’t find a job and she bounced from babysitting gig to babysitting gig. McDonalds wouldn’t hire me. I went to malls going from store-to-store to apply for jobs and none of them hired me.

We accrued $10,000 in credit debt just on food and living expenses during this time!

My wife got into Visalus to sell some shakes nad hopefully make some money and it worked or a bit… but after reaching out to all her contacts, the job got more and more difficult.

Why was hosting shake parties becoming difficult?

Well, you have a few problems here:

  1. You’ve contacted everyone already and they all have been to your shake parties and / or bought from you.
  2. You can’t grow your business any more.
  3. Your uplines are also trying to make a strong business for themselves as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this. I’m just saying hosting parties has its limits and we quickly approached that limit with little to show for it.

So we had to get a bit creative.

The KEY is this: limitless exposure. That’s what the internet is for. When hosting a shake party, you gotta have people close by to taste your product, BUT if you have a business that doesn’t require a bunch of people over your house and you can do it all from the comfort of your laptop – your earning potential is ridiculous!

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I can show you EXACTLY what I’m doing to earn anywhere from $100 up to $300 per day with a couple hours and my laptop.

OH and no cold calling! I HATE getting on the phone with people and thankfully I don’t have to get on the phone with anyone!

Let me show you how I’m doing it! It’s easier than you think 🙂

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Once you do that, PLEASE email me!

I WANT to hear from you and put your feet on firm ground, believe it or not!

Here’s a video update I recorded recently of my progress – completely FREE and from home with my laptop!

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