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Without A Good Auto Responder, You’re Business Will Run Like A Beautiful Car With No Wheels…

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The purpose of an auto responder is to keep up with people who come into your business. Running your business with a customer doesn’t end with the initial purchase. You want to build and maintain a relationship with your customers so they will always trust you. If you build that trust, any product you promote, they will most likely buy!

MIND YOU: You don’t want to be a jerk and go crazy promoting products to your customers. They will quickly lose trust in you. ONLY promote products you yourself use and have results with. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Without An Auto Responder, You’re At Risk Of Losing Your Conversions / Sales To Someone Else Promoting The Same Product.
  • An average person sees a product about 7 times before they make a purchase decision.

Once You Have Your Auto Responder, Here’s What’s Next:

  • Create your first list (follow the directions in the video)
  • Make a new list for every product or business opportunity you plan on promoting.
  • Require Opt-In On Web Forms – Turn “Off”.
  • Point “Success Page” to your landing page: http://www.instantpaydaynetwork.com/YOUR-USER-NAME (replace with your user name)
  • Make a NEW email account JUST for business (free from Gmail, Yahoo, Etc)
  • NOW go BACK to Instant Payday Network Back Office (http://www.instantpaydaynetwork.com/admin – MUST complete Step 3 first) and go to “My Personal Info” and use the NAME of your Auto Responder LIST where it says 3rd Party Responder.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Set Up Your Auto Responder

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