The Blogging Rapper Podcast – Episode 3: Why Comparisons Can Destroy You


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I wasn’t planning on recording this third episode so soon, but I had a thought that I needed to express. Going home late on a Wednesday evening I realized I wasn’t going to see my daughter at all today. I left before she woke up and I’m coming home when she’s already in bed. Not fun.

While this isn’t an everyday thing for me I started to think of how some well-intentioned and loving people would attempt to console┬ásomeone in this situation. Typically, it’s done by comparing me to someone less fortunate.

While the comparison is factual, I find it unfair…. Even though it’s true, what it does is it tells the mind that complacency is okay as long as you have it better than somebody else. As a result, you don’t continue to motivate yourself towards change but instead, simmer down and let your life just happen.

It’s not fair and while it’s based on good intentions, it just shouldn’t be done.

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