The most important tool for E-Mail Marketing

Mailing List - Traditional form of e-mail marketing

This pretty much goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: We’ve been covering email marketing and what would it be without a program to send emails with.

Now, some may think they can get by with just regular ol’ Gmail or whatever e-mail client they are native to. The problem there is every standard e-mail service is meant for personal, not business – hence, there’s a lot of limitations.

For instance, an example stated on sirlinksalot mentions you can’t e-mail thousands of people at one time with a standard Gmail or e-mail client. You can maybe get by with 20 or 30 max but definitely not 2,000.

Also, if you try to send an e-mail to a mass number of people from a standard e-mail account, you’re likely going to get marked as spam by the email provider, meaning your e-mail will never reach the people intend to reach.

LINK: What you need is an e-mail autoresponder.

I’ve been using Aweber for the last 3 years and it’s always served me well. Basically, it’s one of my most important tools for business because it helps me to stay connected with people who are interested in my services and to follow up with people who are already customers enjoying my products. This could help you to earn time and time again if you do it right.

LINK: Start your 30 day FREE trial with Aweber.

Aweber is great for sending e-mails in two ways: broadcasts and follow up messages.

Broadcasts are e-mails you send directly at that moment in time… or you could write it up and schedule it to send later.

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Follow up messages are pre-written e-mails that you have waiting for people who subscribe to your mailing list. No matter when a person signs up, they will be put on the follow up rotation and receive the same e-mail as others who sign up with you.

This alone can automate your business so you don’t have to work as hard to keep the flow of income going into your bank account.

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