Things Girls Need To Hear

I’ve been married for the last 6 years. Looking back, I remember the kind of guy I was when I was out there dating. Of course, like any guy, my eyes were drawn to the girls who wore the skimpy clothes and showed off their goodies, but I’ve never been attracted to them. There’s a difference between liking how a girl looks and being attracted to them! For me, an attraction is personality first, then looks.

I mean, I could go outside and see pretty girl after pretty girl. They’re a dime a dozen and yes, a feast for the eyes… but what’s the point if the girl doesn’t respect herself or isn’t a loving and faithful type? All they amount to is just being worth a few minutes of staring, then moving on…

I found my wife in a unique way, but with her, she’s certainly a feast for my eyes, but she’s also a faithful and loving girl who respects herself and has never had the desire to show off her body for attention.

Well… her being shy may have something to do with that, but I digress! She’s mine and I’m as in love with her today as I was 6 years ago!

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