Tom Holland Cast As The New Spider-Man

Well, looks like we got our new Spider-Man… Only a year after the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2 do we now have a new Spider-Man and a reboot to the franchise as part of the deal with MARVEL getting the movie rights back to put him into their cinematic universe.

Friggin’ whoop-tee-doo…

Take a look at this one, kiddos:

Confirmed: Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man

Confirmed: Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man

Oh…. just… oh….

Where do I even begin? I think you already know my feelings on the whole matter and my thoughts on the potential candidate at the time, Asa Butterfield.

Two words: Too-young.

This ain’t the Amazing Spider-Boy… It’s the Amazing Spider-Man. Yes, I know Peter Parker starts off in high school and blah-blah… maybe I’m just more upset over how the screwed fans with canning the third Amazing Spider-Man. I mean, this isn’t like Green Lantern who had one movie that flopped and can be rebooted… Spider-Man is a way more high profile character not only in the comic world but in the mainstream world in general!

Remember, the Spider-Man brand as a whole already has 5 theatrical release in the last couple decades! I feel it’s just too soon, don’t you?

I’m sure Tom Holland is a pretty good actor and I’m not knocking him as unable to put his own spin on the character but putting out two Amazing Spider-Man films and create one of the biggest hypes to segway into a movie (The Sinister Six) – and after all that, have it all cancelled… it’s insane.

I think it will only leave audiences confused and the Spider-Man franchise will take a huge blow with this third reboot.


I hope I’m wrong but… GAH!!!!