Top Three Tips For Instant Instagram Success


I’ve been playing with Instagram for a few months now and last week at a marketing conference I had the pleasure of learning from an online business coach Sue B Zimmerman who gave an amazing lecture of Instagram and why you need it for business.

Since then, I’ve been incorporating some of the techniques Sue taught and to my amazement, it helped to get me more follows, likes and overall engagement:


Below are my TOP Three Tips For Instant Instagram Success

1) Create a proper hashtag strategy

When Twitter first introduced hashtags, I thought that was the most ridiculous thing… My thought was, “If you want to find something…. just type it in.” But hashtags has been instrumental in pulling up what’s trending on social media. When you’re posting a photo on Instagram, figure out the subject of your picture.. So if your photo is of your dog, do a little research to see what are the most popular hashtags for dogs and use that in your description.

2) Put words on your photos

Photos with words or captions on Instagram stand out a lot more than photos without.  This is why you see tons of “quote” images all over the internet these days. They convey a message and are highly shareable.

3) Don’t overdo the filters

Instagram’s most popular feature is the library of filters they have. With that in mind, don’t go crazy. Filters are meant to be used as a subtle way to make your pictures stand out. With so many Instagram users implementing filters directly on every single image, it takes away from the impact the original image has.

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Furthermore, these days you have more image controls to play with instead of the preset filters… You can manipulate things like contrast, saturation, brightness and others individually. Take some time to play with them and remember to keep it subtle. It’ll stand out much more!

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