Why Do So Many People Fail In Online Marketing? Probably Because They’re Promoting Multiple Biz Ops At Once!

So why exactly are you participating in multiple online marketing companies? I personally was in about 5… now I’m only focusing on ONE. Sure, I am a member of other companies that run themselves at this point – but that’s because in 2 years, I took the time to build each one individually. I didn’t just join one, then join another and another and another…

Whoo keeping up with all that would drive me NUTS! Plus, you’re not working with a team, so it’s easier to get discouraged on top of being confused!

I’m seeing a bunch of you on my Facebook feed promoting a new product and / or company every day… How is that going for you? Seriously, you’re going to wind up confusing people and lose all credibility because no one wants to join a person that’s tossing people around from one company to the next… They want to join a person who has faith in the company they have chosen.

If you can’t master one, why move on to another? If you’re making chump change (if that), work at it until you’ve built at least 5 figures. Don’t over-complicate things.

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