An EASIER Way To Sell On Instagram? Here’s How You Can Do It!


If you’re a fan of Instagram and you happen to be a home business owner, then you probably know there’s a way to make money on Instagram. I wrote an article detailing a very simple trick you can use to get started. Well, now here’s something even more simple: That’s right, an even easier way to sell on Instagram!

Say it ain’t so!

Oh. It’s so. It’s oh so.

Here’s An Easier Way To Sell Items And Products On Instagram:

In my previous article, I showed you how to structure your business on Instagram. We walked through the entire sales process from listing to transactions.

Well now, we’re taking the sale process and making it a bit more streamlined.

Introducing: Soldsie.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.57.50 PM

Soldsie is a company that created a way to sell on Instagram by using a method called “comment selling”.

Basically in order to use this method, you need to do the following:

  • Sign up with Soldsie
  • Integrate your Instagram account with Soldsie
  • List items as before, but this time direct your viewers to comment with the word “Sold” and the appropriate hashtag (example: #small, #medium, #large if you’re selling different sizes of a product)

When your viewers see your photos and become interested in a product you are selling, they will comment with the word “Sold” along with the right hashtag and they will immediately be sent an invoice!

Once they receive that invoice, they will be directed to complete the sale and you just wait for the money!

Pretty cool, huh?

How Easy Can It Be To Sell On Instagram?

If you have products or services you wish to sell, you understand that in order to position your business to the right people, you need to go where they are gathering. With Instagram being one of the most popular social apps of today, it’s important for you to take advantage. Soldsie steamlines the process allowing you to have some automation with the invoice directing your customers to close on a sale.

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I’d say it’s worth it!

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If you think you’re going to try out Soldsie or just intrigued by the thought of selling on Instagram, leave a comment below!