Are You Interested In Being A Work-From-Home Mommy Or Daddy?

One year ago, the best thing to ever happen to me… happened to me, which made me realize that I was destined to be a Work From Home Daddy…

My wife and I along with God, brought a beautiful little girl to this world: wife-and-daughter

God gets most of the credit though… He sure did a GREAT job with this little baby of ours!

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been one year and almost two since I asked an expert like Tracy AlChayeb to edit my video and the posted it on YouTube publicly announcing we were pregnant:

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Well, with my little girl, it only made me think more about working from home and how many people are missing precious moments they can never get back because they’re tucked away at an office trying to make ends meet.

If this sounds like you, then let me ask the following question:

Are You Interested In Being A Work From Home Mommy / Daddy?

In this day and age, it actually is very possible and pretty easy when you think about it. It does take quite a bit of effort, but if as long as you set your eyes on the goal of being there for your kids and watching them grow up – you can make it happen!

Work From Home Method #1: BLOGGING

Why does this keep popping up in your Google search? Blogging? Really? Who the heck is going to care about what you have to say?

Trust me. LOTS.

If you feel you can write and you know how to use that handy dandy Google search bar, you can find some pretty compelling topics to blog about – which will help you to be found on the internet.

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If you write about a certain book for example…. and someone else is looking through Google for said book, they can find your article and be linked to you because of it!

Well, that’s great, but how do you make money from it?

A few ways… The most popular is placing banner ads from Google Adsense but you can also charge others to place their banner ads on your blog once you start building enough traffic.

Another way is writing about products that you are selling as well. You can use affiliate marketing to do this.

[CLICK HERE to watch my video explaining Affiliate Marketing]

Work From Home Method #2: Affiliate Marketing

I’ve touched on Affiliate Marketing before, and this video defines it well, but with affiliate marketing, you can sell products you didn’t create and you earn a percentage or commission from it.

You can sell anything online with affiliate marketing from products on Amazon to services like DirecTV and more. The possibilities are limitless!

Work From Home Method #3: Get Paid For Taking Surveys

I’ve done a little of this and made a few bucks… Some people really enjoy taking surveys for cash. Me? I’m a bit ADD in this area. I can sit in front of a computer and blog and such for hours but doing survey after survey all day every day?

… It’s definitely an acquired taste. It works for a lot of people and can be a very viable way to earn money… it’s just not my thing in particular.

To each their own of course 🙂

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Work From Home Method #4: Sell Your Own Products

You can go the traditional route by understanding the us trade data and have your own product to sell online. You just need a website with eCommerce and get yourself in front of a pool of potential buyers. Many people start their businesses this way and if it’s something you’re excited about, you have the potential to make tons of cash!

Is Working From Home Meant For You?

Just like there’s many different types of people in the world, different people have different preferences. Some people would rather work at a job because they enjoy the security of getting paid every two weeks without fail from someone above them… Others like myself are entrepreneurs from the inside out and get excited with business ideas and ways to make money on their terms.

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