How To Funnel Your Tasks So You Can Work Less Hours And Do More

Okay, so we’re back on track with the topic of how to do more and work less.

Whether it’s in the office of an 9-5 job or taking on the challenge of running your own home business, what success in either of those comes down to is obvious – time management.

Creating Tasks With Better Time Management

In order to master your time you need to develop a taste for being task oriented, which means whatever projects you need to do, you should be able to plan them in small, concise segments.

So if you have a project you’re working on, consider how you can break it up into segments that make sense. As you do so, write them down so you can have it before you visually.

Next, take those segments and spread them out on a weekly planner… Be mindful that you only want to schedule about 2 or 3 key tasks for your project each day.

So the trick isn’t about doing more – in this case, MORE does NOT equal better.

More creates clutter.  

You want less, so do less… BUT in that lessened time, be as focused as possible.

The killer to productivity is distra….dis….uhhh SQUIRREL! 



As I was saying… The killer to productivity is distractions.

Examples of Distractions:

  • Your phone
  • Your tablet
  • Random websites
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

In today’s info age, we’re constantly wanting to multi-task by checking our messages for a moment when we are supposed to be doing something productive… and that always screws things up.


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When you are on a task, FOCUS in on it and just DO IT without any distractions.

You can be so much more productive and work so much less.

In my next blog article, I’ll show you exactly how a schedule like that looks! Please subscribe and stay tuned!