What Does A 4 Hour Work Week Look Like? (Schedule Inside)

Okay so over the last few days I’ve been talking to you about working less but getting more done. What does it look like?

Well, prepare to be amazed. Check out the image below:



How To Have A 4 Hour Work Week

Remember my main point in previous blog posts: It’s not about how many hours you work, but how effective that work is.

  • Did you only do meaningful work that directly affects you?
  • Did you focus on work that produces income / results.
  • Did you “cut the fat” and remove tedious tasks that don’t directly produce results?

Say this with me: 

“We were NOT meant to waste all our time away working.”

That is just something that’s been told to us over and over and so we accept it as truth.

If you feel you have a higher purpose, then you have a higher purpose. You CAN master your time so you can be even more effective in your work atmosphere and have time back to be with your family and enjoy the moments that are so fleeting.


So what did I reveal in the chart?

Basically, what it all boils down to is getting time back in your life and one decision I’ve made that I have never looked back on nor regretted was starting my own home business! I LOVE it!

Having a home business, I get to wake up when I wake up! Sleep when I sleep! And work the hours I want to instead of need to.

The problem is most people are deathly afraid of making this decision… They’ve bought into the lies so much that any other way is deceptive…

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Well, it’s worked for me for the last 2 years!

Read through the chart and you’ll notice something:

They’re so basic.

Create a picture. Create a blog post. Create An Autoresponder. Before that, research 4 weeks worth of topics and after that generate traffic… How can it be that easy?

Well, it isn’t to most because we let ourselves get cluttered with tasks that don’t matter and we attempt to multi-task which just offers busy work and keeps us from really doing what produces income and results.

So most of us never truly see any progress and that is why our work week usually amounts to 40 hours per week.

How to eliminate the non-income producing activities

So, some tasks are actually necessary but don’t produce results or income. Such tasks include:

  • Checking emails
  • Checking social network comments
  • Researching
  • Building a blog / website
  • Creating graphics

Unless you’re being paid to do those things, they’re not something a home business owner should do. In order to remove them from YOUR schedule but still get them done, you need to OUTSOURCE them.

Outsourcing is giving your jobs to other people to do i.e. like a secretary or personal assistant. You can find tons of people online who will accept outsourced tasks for pay. That way, you have the comfort of knowing that the more menial stuff is being taken care of while freeing up some time and you can have the time to concentrate on what really matters for your business.

Try Cutting Down Your Hours

Think about the following today:

  • What are my income producing / important activities?
  • What are less important tasks that clutter up my schedule?
  • What tasks can I outsource?
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Once you’ve done this, take action by doing the following:

  • Create A Schedule For Yourself And Estimate How Many Hours It Will Take
  • Follow Through

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