Black Friday Deal: Step-By-Step Home Biz Coaching Until Nov 29th!

Tis the season to be jolly… and to dip further in debt! While Black Friday is the day of getting up at 3AM to spend money on family and loved ones… buying a bunch of plastic and metal (I’ll admit, very sexy plastic and metal)…

… Many people are staying in this holiday season, getting sleep and waking up to commission checks in the hundreds!

I don’t know yet how my Black Friday will be THIS year… but here’s what happened to me LAST year…

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Here’s What Happened To Me Last Black Friday…

black-friday-2012As seen in the picture above, it was my wife, sister-in-law, her hubby and myself on a trip to the nearest mall for some good ol’ Black Friday shopping! We didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn (although admittedly we wanted to for the heck of it), we actually just slept in and came out at around 10am.

Knowing most of the “good” products out there were probably already gone, we went mostly to enjoy ourselves and buy some random stuff we had our eyes on…

By the time we got out of the mall, I had spend $50 on some things my wife wanted (can’t even remember) and upon checking my iPhone… earned $350 for a PROFIT of $300 on a trip to the mall… on BLACK FRIDAY. 

So While Most People Lose Money On Black Friday… I EARNED Money On Black Friday!

To go out and enjoy family… totally unrestrained and without any obligations… and to walk out of a mall with $300 in profit… THAT is something to be proud about!

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THAT my friends is how my home business has effected me! 

How I Make It Happen, Cap’n! How You Can, Too!

This year, I decided to create a coaching series to answer the mystical questions:

  • “What am I doing wrong?”
  • “Do I have this set up correctly?”
  • “Am I missing something here?”

I created a product that I have released and will be promoting called “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”.


This is a STEP-BY-STEP Guide that includes over 20 + Videos (each about 15 minutes in length) that shows you how to effectively set up your home business.

The principles of this course can translate to ANY online home business regardless of what it is you’re promoting.

That’s because the basic structure of any home business is primarily the same. What makes it successful is the person and the products.

So the problem here is most people don’t know how a home business is meant to run, so sometimes the littlest misconception could throw it all off…

The Happy Holidays Step-By-Step Coaching Course is meant to help you figure it all out!

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