To Tip Or Not To Tip? Did They Or Did They Not?

An openly gay waitress claimed she was stiffed on a tip for her lifestyle, now the alleged customers with a matching receipt are stepping forth to admit that was not true.

Dayna Morales, a waitress in a New Jersey restaurant known as Gallop Asian Bistro created a viral video to show an injustice… that seemingly never happened to her. In her video, she posted a receipt (with some blotted out info) and what appears to be a hand written bill total with a message off to the side stating, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle…”

When the alleged diners came forth, they presented not only a receipt that is identical (minus the alterations) but also a bank statement showing proof they were charged the tip they originally placed on their bill.

The result for Ms. Morales’ viral video? Tons upon tons of donations that she claims she will be submitting to a U.S marine benefit.

See What Happened And Ms. Morales Reaction Below:

[youtube id=”Y0XM_G-041I” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Dayna Morales was interviewed about the diners coming out with their real receipt and asked how it was possible that was given to her.

Her reaction?

“I don’t know…” 

Who’s credibility will you believe at this point?

…Yes. Exactly.

I can’t help but ask why this couple was targeted as hateful towards Ms Morales? Was it because they accidentally called her DAN instead of Danya?

She has short hair, no makeup, and loosely fitted clothing…every element that would make it discernible to identify her as a female were not obvious with this woman. It’s an innocent and easy mistake to make!

Grow up!

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I mean, haven’t we all been there? Haven’t you ever met a person who you had to take a second look at just to make sure they were the right gender? Sometimes not even the name could be good enough of a clue! It just happens! That doesn’t make you hateful or intolerant does it?

People, quit using “hate” as an easy trigger for those who may or even may not particularly agree with a lifestyle choice. I myself am a devout Christian and believer in the Holy Bible, yet I converse with and open myself to homosexuals that I have known for as far back as Jr. High School. No, I don’t agree with their lifestyle and they all know it! However, we still get along, laugh and enjoy each other’s company regardless of that! Ask them yourself!

Simply because you DISAGREE with how someone lives, DOESN’T mean you “hate” them…

Grow up!

Ms. Morales just proves how trigger happy we all are to this “hate speech” crap to the point of aimlessly giving away tons of money for the sake of the gay & lesbian movement. The end result? Innocent people being called “hateful” for a note on a receipt they never wrote!

Where do you find your justice?

PS – Yes, I know there ARE people who hate homosexuals just as they are still racists in the world. Hate is always an unfortunate emotion in some people’s hearts however, we should be careful not to label people or else we become those who we are trying to protect ourselves from.