Man Who Saved 669 Kids From The Nazis…

During one of the darkest periods in global history, there were many who rose to preserve freedom and humanity’s right to exist… Sir Nicholas George Winton was one such gentleman who can truly be identified as a TRUE hero!

Nicholas George Winton organized the rescue of about 699 mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children who were all destined to be transported to Nazi death camps before World War II.

This organized operation was kept a closely guarded secret, including from Mr. Winton’s own wife, Grete. The operation known as Czech Kindertransport was carried out, saving the lives of all 669 children.

Perhaps the most noble of all this was even after the successful operation was Mr. Winton’s silence on the matter, never bringing it to his wife or family… until Mrs. Winton discovered a scrapbook in 1988 in their attic. In it was all the children’s photos, list of names and a few letters from parents to Mr. Winton and other documents. These memorabilia dated back to 1939.

How Nobility Is Rewarded…

Eventually, word got out about Mr. Nicholas George Winton’s kind and courageous act of bravery and heroism, albeit this time under his nose without his knowledge. What happens next will bring several tears to your eyes…

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Thank you, Mr. Nicholas George Winton, for your bravery. This true knight in shining armor risked his own life to rescue the children of many desperate parents without need for fame or recognition. Because of that, we give him recognition anyway 😉 Thank you again, Mr. Winton and I pray many will learn from your example of true heroism.

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