Can You Really Make $3,000 With E-Mail?

Mailing List - Traditional form of e-mail marketing

The short answer: Yes, absolutely!

I’ve done it… and it’s simple. You just need (A) the time to do it and (B) the right strategy in place.

Most people fail at ever making a single dollar on the internet not because the system stinks or because of the slew of scam artists out there… no, it’s because of their failing beliefs!

One such failing belief is the lack of time. I surprise myself how I somehow find all the time in the world to give to something I suddenly really, really want… like that latest smartphone or that flatscreen TV. If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it – by all means necessary.

The other failing belief is that it’s too confusing and they lack direction. Well, while that is true to an extent, which can be offshoot by a good mentor, all it really takes is sitting down to lay out a basic plan then sticking to it rigidly.

How To Make $3,000 With E-Mails

The first step is to create your list. One myth is that you need a pretty big list in order to make any good money from it. No, that’s not true. You do need a list but it can be a couple hundred or less, depending on the products or services you’re selling.

Once you have your list, the very next and most important step is to build a genuine relationship with them!

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As you build your relationship, the goal is to identify what they’re lacking in order to obtain their goal then provide it to them. Offer them a ton of free value but also offer them products and material that would really help them further. That alone will help solidify a great bond between you and your subscribers as well as pull in your income like a magnet!

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Again, it depends on the size of your list and products / services you provide, but making $3,000 per month through this method is fairly easy once you have your plan, products and relationship to your followers together.

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