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YouTube Is The 3rd Largest Website In the World. Take Advantage Of It!

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You can find ANYTHING on YouTube: How To Guides, Online Courses, Entertianment, anything you can think of!

I HIGHLY recommend using YouTube to your advantage!

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What Tube Assist Does:

  • Shares a selected video of yours to hundreds of people PER DAY to a specific group of people.
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  • Adds subscriptions from a particular niche
  • Complies with YouTube’s TOS (Terms Of Service)

COMPLAINT #1: But I don’t LIKE getting on video… 

Then don’t use your face. Use this FREE tool called Screencast-O-Matic and just show off what’s on your screen instead.

Youtube Views go viral quicker than ANY other form of media on the internet. If you expect to tread water in your business without doing videos, you’re limiting your potential!

COMPLAINT #2: But I don’t know what to say… 

I never use a script when I do my videos. Normally, I just have an idea in my head or jot down some key points and then blab about what’s on my mind.

People DON’T WANT a well-rehearsed guru to sell them something… They want to hear from a REGULAR person LIKE THEM to build their trust!

This means if you’re going to stutter… STUTTER. If you’re going to stumble on your words… STUMBLE. If you’re going to sneeze, laugh of cough on video… FINE. That’s A-OKAY and shows people you’re a real person, not some corporate monkey.

COMPLAINT #3: But I’m a perfectionist… What if my videos don’t look good? 

I can almost guarantee you that your first few videos are going to SUCK.


Get the “sucky” out there and live on your YouTube channel. Get it over with. What’s AWESOME is once you do, you will be able to PROVE to people how you used to be “horrible” compared to where you are NOW. It’s YOUR story!

COMPLAINT #4: But I’m not seeing ANY results here… I have two videos up and everything!!! 

…. Really? You… you really expect to see results with two videos up there?….

Do TEN VIDEOS PER WEEK and keep doing it for 90 days! I DARE Ya!

REMEMBER THE 80/20 RULE: 80% Entertainment, 20% Informative.

Tell a story in each video! Stories can be totally made up metaphors (I made one called “Two Brothers And A Pencil“) or tell about your day or something that happened to you that you can relate to your point (the 20% Informative part).

The story PULLS PEOPLE IN. It gets their attention.

Once you have fed them the easily digestible nugget, you can then give them the goodies, that is, your product offer.

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