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Time To Leave Your “Digital” Fingerprint.

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The purpose of content generation (or content creation) is to help people find you! What you’re doing is creating content that is based on certain targeted keywords. These keywords are what people search for when they go on Google, Bing or any other search engine.

The idea is to create content based on these keywords so when people look at your content, it’s relevant to their search and not just some bait-and-switch method just to get a sale (c’mon, give people more credit than that. People are not stupid).

EXAMPLE Of Content Generation In Action:

You create your content based on keyword “Puppies”:

  • Person gets on Google and looks up “Puppies”
  • Person finds your article on puppies in Google and clicks on your link
  • They read or view what you have to say on puppies.

So how do you make a sale if your keyword is about puppies?


Remember THIS formula:

Entertainment = 80% of content; Information = 20% of content

Basically, whatever you have to say about puppies should take up about 80% of your content… closing the sale and showing people your offer should take 20% of your content.

What IS Content? 

Content is made up of two mediums:

  1. Blogs / Articles
  2. Videos

Homework Assignment:

Watch a few videos from Soldier Knows Best. He is a popular YouTuber who does review videos of tech gadgets. I’ve stumbled across his videos many times when looking up things like iPhones, Android phones, tablets, etc.

Here’s what I want you to notice:

  • The content of the video makes up about 80% of the video… so if the video is about iPhones, Soldier Knows Best talks about the iPhone for majority of the video.
  • Towards the end, about the last minute or two, he begins speaking about a sponsor and their product, pointing you to their website and offering a special discount code. That’s about 20% of the video.

THAT’S what I’m talking about!

Step-By-Step Guide To Content Generation

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