Don’t Become One Of Those People…


Don’t become one of those people…

You know what I’m talking about. You had this idea and you were excited about it, so what’s the first thing you do? Tell someone you trust in hopes they would be excited and encourage you to move on with your incredible idea!

Often times though, what happens? You go to tell your confidant and they look at you with a bewildered expression, followed by a dismissive, “You can’t do that…”

What follows is a series of grueling questions:
“How are you going to do THIS…” or “How are you going to make THAT…”

You come to the realization that you don’t have answers to all these seemingly important questions, which discourages you and ultimately… you realize that you really “can’t” do it…

… Sucks to be you, don’t it?

Well, let me tell you something – those trusted advisors of noble worth are spouting out NON-SENSE!

Here’s the truth: People expect you to have it all figured out; written on paper; solidified with back-up plans when the inevitable failure occurs… If you don’t have an immediate response to all this, you are set up for certain doom.

That’s what THEY think… The truth is, you’re NOT going to have it “all figured out” and that’s OKAY!
You won’t have an answer to every single question because you haven’t had the experience yet!

Success doesn’t come through planning, it comes through DOING!!!!

Now, I agree you need a plan. You need to be strategic and you should use them smarts the Good Lord gave you, but most of this uncharted territory you won’t have an answer for because you haven’t been there yet!
The most important key isn’t the element of planning, it’s the ability to passionately pursue your goals until you succeed!
Failure is part of the experience and while some can be avoided through a pre-meditated plan… you’re NOT going to be prepared for EVERY pitfall. Some you have to face head-on and hope for the best.
I’m a man of faith. I believe in a God I cannot see, touch, or hear… but because I believe in Him, I’ve experienced Him throughout my life.
I can say with full confidence that the road to success will require faith as well. You won’t be able to see it, hear it or feel it, but you will experience it as long as you believe in yourself.

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