How To Sell To Someone On Facebook


The goal of any business owner is finding the biggest amount of potential customers. It isn’t enough to simply have a product and try selling it; you have to know who might be interested in your product beforehand. This is called your “niche market” or “target audience”.

So on Facebook, the first step is to look for those potential customers based on their interests. The next step is to sell to them without making it feel like that’s what you’re doing.

For this, we’re going to use this little technique called – COMMUNICATION.

How to Communicate With Your Potential Customers

The key here is to be subtle, not obvious. How many times have you purchased a product from someone who’s practically forcing it on you?

Maybe you did buy it… albeit out of pressure, and most likely regretted it later… but how often would you be suckered into buying from that kind of experience?

It doesn’t work, and many people out there use this ‘sales-pressure’ tactic to force a few dollars out of your pocket. It’s a desperate move on their part and it’s one that doesn’t have a long-lasting effect.

What you want to do is actually build trust and rapport through honest communication.

You remember the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race”? This method may not be the best way to make an instant sale, but it is the best way to make long term sales from people who will buy from you time and time again!

To communicate with your potential customers, here’s some basic topics to start off with:

  • Pleasantries: Say hello without any pretense. Just introduce yourself like you would any other person
  • Inquire: Ask the person a few questions to get a dialogue going. Ask them about their day. If they’re a new contact, ask them questions about themself
  • Common Interests: You can build a stronger sales relationship if you can find commonality between you. If you know what they’re interested in and it matches with any kind of product or service you can provide, you have that much greater chance to convert to a sale.
  • Identify A Problem: Based on their interests and other personal information you gather, what is one thing they are looking for? Figure that out and solve it by creating or selling a product that can help you and them simultaneously.
  • Follow-Up: Don’t ever be the mind of “hit-it-and-quit-it” when it comes to this… Your customers are willing to buy from you time and time again if they trust you. Yes, you will need to put attention to getting new customers but just as vital is the follow-up and making sure they are happy with their product and you remain in touch with them.
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So just to recap, don’t be like this guy: 

I don't even know you...

I don’t even know you…

How To Sell To Your Potential Customers On Facebook

So let’s say you’ve cultivated a pretty good relationship. Remember, this is for long term profits, not the quick buck that will quickly fade away. You want to build your business on honesty, so be yourself and take a real interest in your prospect.

When you feel you are at a point in your relationship to where you’ve gauged an interest they might be looking for, you’re probably ready to “close-the-deal”. I wouldn’t recommend selling to them at this point though. What I would recommend first is the following:

Giving Your Prospects Free Value Content First

They’re looking for something, and you’ve already put in the good work in building a relationship to where they know you have their interest in mind more-so than just wanting to pull a few dollars from their wallets.

If you want to “seal-the-deal” in terms of trust building, show them some info that’s available for free to help them at first.

I would recommend that content being your own, so for example, if they are interested in pet grooming… try making a few blog articles or videos yourself discussing the topic of pet grooming and offer tips to help them understand it better.

Once they see you’ve taken a real interest in helping them, the bond will be that much stronger.

After doing this, you then have the prime opportunity to offer a product that can help them more and give you money for doing so.

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