[REACTION] Thoughts on Full Color Batman Suit In Batman v Superman Movie

So, in recent weeks we got a teaser trailer and a few leaked images; particularly of Ben Affleck in the Batman suit:


Personally, I’m one of the fans who is saying some bedside prayers for Christian Bale to return to the cape and cowl, but at this point it seems almost definite – Ben Affleck IS the new Batman.

Let me set the record straight that I actually love Ben Affleck as an actor and director. I love his movies. In fact… don’t judge me for this, but I loved him in Daredevil. I thought he was a great fit!

Thing is… I just don’t think he’s Batman.

In fact, even Ben Affleck himself didn’t think he was Batman.

So you see, it’s not just me!

Now let’s talk about the costume!

What they say about the costume being the most accurate portrayal from the comics is certainly true. Batman with his scruffy face and black / gray costume design looks very close to the comic book design, not to mention Zack Snyder ditched the kevlar / armor look for what looks to mimmic the comic book design of Batman, muscles and all.

So in essence, this isn’t a realistic take on Batman but rather, the comic version brought to life… which can be a good or bad thing.

Why do I say it can be a bad thing? Well… take a look at the X-MEN movies, it’s not like Hugh Jackman (who’s played Wolverine for over a decade now) would ever wear his silly black and yellow spandex costume…

Leaked Image of the classic black & yellow Wolverine costume for the upcoming X-MEN Apocalypse film.

Leaked Image of the classic black & yellow Wolverine costume for the upcoming X-MEN Apocalypse film.

Clearly, movie studios are now taking more chances in making the films more true to the source material… Okay, then I guess we’ll see!


Well, I suppose I do have to say this is a very daring take on recreating the cinematic image of Batman, one that has never been done until now – so you can’t fault Snyder for taking such a big risk.

Overall, if I wasn’t so attached to the all-black kevlar styled Batman costume of the Nolan trilogy, I would say this here is the Batman costume we’ve all been waiting for. It’s certainly going to be interesting seeing this come to life on the big screen!

Now… Getting Back To Ben Affleck As Batman!

To Ben’s credit, the more I see of “Batfleck” the more intrigued I am and thinking there’s hope for this movie to be good – however, I still think the emotions fans would have felt could have been stronger if they saw the cast of the Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy showing up within the same universe as Snyder’s Man of Steel…

… As stated by Andre of Black Nerd Comedy: 

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0hr446vV5TI” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

So, is there hope for Batman v Superman to be good? I’m starting to believe so…

Still… *sniffle* Christian Bale…

Oh darn, I don’t know… I’m so torn! MOVIE, just come already!