Doomsday Rumoured To Be In Batman V Superman

Doomsday is a great Superman villain... but really?

Doomsday is a great Superman villain… but really?

In case you thought Wonder Woman and Aquaman was a bit much for the upcoming Superman sequel, rumors are running rampant about Lex Luthor donning his mecha suit to do battle with the man of steel (and possibly the Dark Knight) as well as DOOMSDAY making an appearance as the secondary villain.

Well…heck! What other characters can we throw into this movie? Is Robin going to make an appearance in this film? What Batgirl? The rest of the Justice League?

This is akin to a clown car – let’s see how many clowns we can fit in there!

With all these titans in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, this is either going to be the greatest superhero spectacle of all time.. or the greatest flop!

I’m hoping things turn out well, I really am… but Doomsday? How can you give such a pivotal super villain enough attention to character development when Superman’s main antagonist is just being introduced in this film also… They basically have to develop Lex Luthor, Doomsday and Ben Afleck as Batman (he’s supposed to portray an aged Batman… so there has to be some development to his back story).

I… I just don’t know. I really am hoping for the best but I’m highly skeptical.

What do you think? You’re still hopeful or are you starting to get worried?

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