The Basics On How To Get People On Your E-Mail List

Mailing List - Traditional form of e-mail marketing

Understanding all the elements of e-mail marketing through the last series of posts, now is time to understand where we get our traffic from and how to add them to our own e-mail list so we can have an effective follow-up.

Where Do I Find People To Add To My E-Mail List?

If you’re starting fresh with 0 subscribers, it’s a great time to start building your list and cultivating a friendly relationship built on trust and devoted to bringing them value over money – trust me, the money will flow, but you need to be more motivated to enrich your readers.

Here are some places you can go to find subscribers for your list building:

Forums / Messageboards

Forums are communities all on their own. They’re centered around a specific set of interests or a key demographic and if you can find a way to cater to them, you can easily draw people to you. The way to tackle this is by again, being more motivated by value. People in general are online to seek a resolution on something or share an interest. By delivering them a answers to their inquiries or giving them the thing they are seeking, you begin to build rapport. Mix that in with having a link to your blog in your signature or wherever appropriate (as different forums have different rules regarding sharing your link) you’ll start to notice traffic trickling in at a pretty decent rate.

Other Blogs

Bloggers come from many different walks of life, so if you can connect with bloggers, you can encourage them to join your mailing list. Simply be active on their blog. Comment on their posts. Respond to others commenting on their posts. Don’t promote. Don’t post your link. Just be there and offer more insight to any given topic. Do this on enough blogs and the traffic to your blog will start to grow.

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Solo Ads

Unlike the last two methods, this is the only one that costs money. What is a solo ad you ask? It’s basically an e-mail that you write (or in some cases the seller will write it for you) and send it to another list owner who has a bigger list. The goal is to try and market a product or present an offer that would encourage people to join your list from another list.

While this can be an effective and often speedy way of building your list, there are many variables to consider. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re new to list building. I would recommend this only for marketers who already have a sizable list.

I’ll cover those variables in an upcoming blog post (sign up for my e-mail updates below).

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