How to start a home business on the internet in 2015


One of the things I do online is coach people how to create an online business. The internet is a wonderful tool these days as you don’t need to invest as much as you normally would to lease a franchise or any other type of traditional business. There’s literally a multitude of online business opportunities available but to streamline things, I’m going to cover how to start a pretty generic home business in 2015.

By the way, before I go any further I just released this video training series to my subscribers an a recent e-mail. It’s called Simple Business Starter in which I cover all the basic elements of starting your own business and give you links to each tool that you will need to get yourself going.

How to start your home business on the internet

Create an idea: The first thing you’ll need to sort out in your mind is a basic idea of what you’re looking for. Think about what you would like to do, make or sell. Don’t limit yourself, be as free as possible because if you can think it, chances are, you can make money off it.

Be passionate about it: If you have to fake it, forget it, because people can see right through it. I can tell within five seconds if a person is trying to pitch to me or if they are genuinely excited about what they’re talking about. Most people who pitch to you are people who probably haven’t made a sale or they’re struggling in their business and are trying to hustle on you so they can say they’ve made some money.

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I can see right through that and guess what? Most people can too. Instead, think of something you actually and genuinely enjoy doing – and sell that. Think of the phrase, “selling ice to an eskimo”. This only happens when the person is convincing enough and how are they convincing? They work into an honest emotion; they show you why you not only want it, but NEED it. You can do this when you are passionate about your business.

Discover your target audience: I’ve covered this so many  times, but ultimately, when you have your idea and found your passion, find a way to use these emotions to attract your niche. When you find your target audience, pulling in sales becomes a snap.

Lay down your plan: Think about how much money you want to make. Oh and no, don’t say something like, “I want to make as much money as possible” or, “I don’t know….even if it’s a few bucks it’s okay.” Don’t do that. You need an exact figure so you can set your goal. This will be what you measure your success on. If you happen to make less or more, both are fine. You just need an exact figure to set the standard. Figure out how long you want to take in order to pursue that income goal. Are you planning to reach $500 per month in 6 months or $3,000 per month in 12 months? Figure it out.

Get your tools: I cover all the necessary tools in my Simple Business Starter video training series, but they’re all pretty obvious. For the sake of encouraging you to click that link though, I won’t say much about them here 😉 What I will say however, is that having a set of tools for your online business is pretty obvious to help add some automation to your work flow. If you want to drive consistent traffic to your business or products, or if you want to stay in touch with your potential clients or customers, then you’re going to need some help.

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Things don’t happen overnight: Consistency is one of the biggest flaws in most self starters who wind up failing after a few months. They lose their drive and wind up not being consistent which destroys their momentum. Let’s be honest, in most cases it may take a few months before you see any form of profit. So, at first you may wind up losing a few dollars here and there for the sake of building that momentum. Don’t be scared or discouraged however, because if you lose some money and gain ten times that amount back in a few months, it’s more than worth it. Also, while I say it may take a few months, you never know – that may not be you. It took me 4 weeks before I started seeing money in my business. For some I coached it took less. It just depends on how focused, motivated and consistent you are. Either way though, expect that it’s going to take some time.

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