Top 5 Things Wrong With Super Hero Movies In 2015

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, super hero movies seemed to have suffered from what I like to call, “Matrix-itis”… meaning that everything was dark brooded, introspective and cliche. I mean, how else do you explain taking a popular comic franchise of a team of brightly colored super heroes like these:


And turn them into these:


To be fair, I don’t think having super heroes in their traditional costumes would have worked as well at that time. It wasn’t really something that could be pulled off until we got… THIS:


Now that’s how you add color to a costume!

So Marvel really kicked things up several notches with their latest film franchises and what used to be movies for only nerds and comic lovers is now a widespread multi-mullion dollar movement. Some would say theatres are being over saturated with super hero movies but I say it’s more than welcome!

Now, having said all that… is it possible for movie executives to become over confident in their basking of their millions to the point where they may be prone to make catastrophic mistakes to their movies… eventually calling to the end of this super hero movie era as a result of poor choices due to being cocky and over zealous?

Heck…  yeah.

Here are my 5 top worries for super hero movies going forward in 2015:

1) Jered Leto as The Joker

I’ve been wrong in the past. I was one of those who took a look at the teaser image of Heath Ledger as The Joker and felt it was a horrible casting choice and whoever chose the late Mr. Ledger was out of their mind!

… I wound up eating my words as we all can agree in tandem how awesome Heath Ledger was!

Jered Leto… I have a strong feeling we’re not going to feel that way.

It’s not so much his ability to fit the role. He’s a professional and has done well in previous roles. The problem begins with his look… I mean really LOOK at him. He looks like a teenager playing as some hip gangster clown! He looks as though he stepped out of some futuristic telling of the Fast And The Furious. The dude has a GRILL and TATTOOS! What the heck kind of vision are they trying to make with this iteration?

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Sometimes an actor can do the best they can, but without proper directing and a good script… and I’ll say a decent wardrobe… they just won’t be able to make that connection with us. I’m not saying choosing Jered Leto was a bad choice. I’m saying so far, the vision of the new Joker is quite troubling… but we will have to see what happens when he appears in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

2) TOO MUCH going on in Batman V. Superman

Where do I begin?… No, really… WHERE do I begin?? There’s just too much in this upcoming movie it’s hard which plot or sub plot or whatever they’re planning to know where to tackle first!

Okay… first off, I think Superman warrants his own sequel…He’s stinkin’ SUPERMAN! He didn’t need a whole cast of side characters who are equally as important as him. The first movie, Man Of Steel was met with mixed reviews, but I think it was a great way to start his reboot and they could have done much more to establish this new story canon with a second film.

Lex Luthor is Supe’s number 1 antagonist, why not develop Lex or if you need to toss in other characters to give Superman a villain who can stand toe-to-toe with him… why not bring Brainaic?? At least then we can continue the story of Krypton which will make it feel like a true sequel.

Kay, now let’s talk about Batman… Ugh! Batman… I’m a diehard Batman fan and I always wanted a movie mashup between him and Supes but… why so soon? Why this way? Why BEN AFFLECK?


There’s just too much to say about this upcoming movie. I just have very low expectations at this point. I’m excited to see Batman and Superman just for the sheer fanboy in me wanting it but… with all these proposed side characters including DOOMSDAY who’s rumored to have a battle scene in there… I’m just face palming right now.

3) Ben Affleck As Batman

Okay, I’ll admit that the more I see, the more I’m starting to be open about this. You already know my original reaction to this announcement, but I’ll still say to this day that it would have been much cooler if Christian Bale were to have reprised his role in Batman V Superman. Yeah, Christian Bale didn’t want to do it at first, was offered $5 million to do it, they’re now going for a more older and experienced Batman, yadda ya… but I would have taken Bale the second I got wind he changed his mind.

Mind you, I loved Ben Affleck as Daredevil… but I just don’t know about him as Batman. I am kinda-sorta coming around though.

4) No More Amazing Spider-Man 3 and No More Andrew Garfield

Biggest…mistake…ever! At the very least, Sony waited 5 years after Sam Raimi’s trilogy before rebooting Spider-Man but no… TWO years and not even completing the Marc Web trilogy??! ANOTHER reboot?? All this because of a deal with Marvel to get the rights back for cinematic Spider-Man…

Oh and apparently, Andrew Garfield pissed off the Sony head Kaz Hirai.

The other excuses being mentioned are all a load of crap… from saying Andrew Garfield doesn’t look young enough to portray the young Peter Parker they’re envisioning in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War… HE PLAYED A HIGH SCHOOLER AT 29 YEARS OF AGE! I think he can get away with Marvel’s vision of a young Spider-Man! He WAS a Young Spider-Man! Any younger and we’re gonna get a story chronicling baby Peter shooting web from his diapers!



5) Supposed Green Lantern Reboot With John Stewart

Let me just say… I LOVE John Stewart as a Green Lantern. He was perhaps my second favorite in the animated JLA shows after Batman. It’s just… Green Lantern may have been “bad” (I actually loved it) but it wasn’t OMG aweful! Plus, it was the FIRST film in the DC cinematic universe to pull a “Marvel” on us by introducing a hidden scene, post credits. It introduced Amanda Waller for the first time and gave us that scene where Sinestro forces fear into a ring and dons his yellow costume, hinting at an upcoming sequel.

This movie did a great job to take care of all the necessary elements to launch DC into what would have been a series of films that would lead up to the long awaited Justice League movie.

INSTEAD, they’re rebooting Green Lantern with John Stewart, making the whole previous movie pointless and throwing everyone in the Justice League all into the upcoming Batman V Superman and somehow going to explain all that which will lead into the Justice League movie afterwards…


John Stewart… I love ya, but Hal Jordan should still be in the game in my opinion and Ryan Reynolds was perfect for that role! You can’t blame him for the bad writing and direction, but alas… we’ll never see another Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern movie again…

Well, what do you guys think of my Top 5? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!