Top Three Things That Can Stop You From Being Successful


Anyone who ever tells you that starting and maintaining your own business online is easy is clearly trying to market something to you and most likely telling a lie. While it can be easy, it’s not inherently easy, especially for newcomers.

By contrast, setting up an online business is incredibly easier than say, getting involved in a franchise, but there are things to consider for the aspiring entrepreneur. I don’t want to use this time to discourage but rather, inform you of what you should make yourself aware of, because my ultimate goal is to see you succeed regardless of where you are right now in your business.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 3 things that can stop you from being successful.

1) Lack of consistency

This is one of the biggest killers in any business. People rely on repetition and take comfort in routine. If you run an e-mail campaign or provide a service on a regular basis, make sure you follow through with it when you say you will. If not, you’ll lose their trust and will find yourself constantly treading uphill to gain some momentum that you will never enjoy.

Many people I have spoken with will get started on the right foot and exude excitement, but over a few days will slowly be less consistent as a reflection of their lowering excitement.

Don’t rely on your emotions and don’t even rely on any lack of results from your effort – just  do it, rinse and repeat.

2) No time in the day

This is another big excuse, and I call it an excuse because I don’t buy it as a valid reason for failing in business. Even if you work a full time job and over 40 hours away from home, you can still make it work. All it takes is sitting down one night and planning out a schedule you can work with in advance. Then, you need to stick to it! This may mean you need to cut back on television or maybe a little bit of family time (not completely, just a little bit) for the sake of seeing much success in the future… I think it’s well worth it.

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After all, even if you do work crazy hours, you still should get the mandatory 2 days off per week… why not make those two days very productive?

3) Disbelief / Skepticism

I put two down in this one because they pretty much go hand-in-hand. Many people will never know the joys and freedom of having their money work for them because they are full of doubt and fear of being scammed and losing money. They rather be comfortable in debt than being slightly uncomfortable taking risks that could overall benefit them greatly.

This one for many is a hard pill to swallow because the skepticism goes very strongly for people. In order to get over this, there really is no other way but to let go of your fear and take a leap of faith. It may be that you’re right and you wind up losing some money, but the flip side is it could be the one thing that boosts your income a great amount! It’s a crapshoot, so yes there is a risk… but risk takers benefit the most because they are the ones reacting to opportunities.

Do your best to research and analyze, but once you’ve done that, you need to take a chance and bet on yourself.

What do you think of my top 3 things that can stop you from being successful? Do you have one of your own? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know! Also, drop your e-mail info below to get updates on my next success training article and get more free tips for your online business!