On Set Pictures Of Jered Leto As The Joker

So, do you remember when you saw this on Twitter not too long ago?





Remember when talk was circulating saying the tattoos at least were just for show and wouldn’t be part of the final version of The Joker?

Good gosh put me out of my misery now...

He’s got that “GRILL” coz he’s that hard…Ick.

Yeeeah… this article pretty much confirms it. The Joker has tats.

And not only does he have tats… He looks young. He also doesn’t strike me as the iconic crazy clown prince of crime, he looks more like some punk kid pretending to be a clown prince of crime…

It just ain’t doing it for me. No. I hate it. Ick.

Now some will argue that this version of The Joker is paying homage to the design from the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns as seen in this screen capture:


Inspiration for Jered Leto’s design of The Joker?

To that I still have to say… “Ehh.”

I’m just not a fan of this. When you come from the cinematic brilliance of Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s performances respectively, and you bring… THIS and call this the next Joker…

… Ick.

Doesn’t look threatening… and truth be told, I don’t think any amount of fancy camerawork or lighting could make this guy look up to par with Mr. Nicholson or Mr. Ledger (RIP)… I’m sure it’s different for a purpose… unique vision blah-blah-blah… This just isn’t The Joker. It’s a spoof on The Joker. It’s stupid.

What are your thoughts?? Do you like the direction they’re taking Jered Leto with this version of The Joker or are you as skeptical as I am?




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