The Benefits of BIG TICKET Business!

If you’re in the home business market, you’ll find this interesting… I myself have been building a business from home for a little over a year now and I’ve done pretty well for myself…

However, despite my level of success, I never once act like I know it all. Truth is, I’m constantly learning and I’m constantly obvious to new things until I learn them.

That being said, I’d like to talk to you a bit about big ticket businesses and what they are, exactly.


Why have a big ticket business?

Well, my claim-to-fame that helped me build a name for myself is by promoting this free opportunity called Instant Payday Network.

Why does this work for me?

  • It’s FREE. No monthly fees or start-up costs required
  • It’s easy to figure out… Not a big learning curve

While Instant Payday Network is free and works well for me, the problem here is I make about $50 per referral.

You may be thinking that’s GREAT and yes, it is pretty sweet… which is why I will never ever stop using this opportunity in my business 🙂

The issue however, is that it isn’t passive. In order to generate income, I need to work continuously every month for it. That makes things like leverage difficult, which is key for those wanting to build a significantly high income.

Leverage is important, so for low ticket businesses like Instant Payday and the many others out there… they work very well, but they require the same amount of work consistently.

AGAIN, I’m not knocking it… I LOVE and ADORE my Instant Payday business. However, I also want to leverage my income to earn much more per month.

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This is where a big ticket business comes in handy!

What is a big ticket business?

discover-your-next-big-ticket-to-wealthA big ticket business is one that doesn’t have a low entry position into the company. For instance, Instant Payday is free but something like Empower Network is $25 per month… well, a big ticket business is much more expensive.

We’re talking around the ballpark of $500-1,000 one-time fee to enter.


A big ticket business is simply the other extreme. It’s the side of the spectrum that people who are looking to generate a high income soon can look into.

Obviously what this does is deters the “tire-kickers” or those who are “just looking” because heck… nobody wants to spend that kind of money unless they know they’re going to make that and more back in their pockets, right???

That’s the purpose of a big ticket business: to give serious marketers a chance to bank some serious cash a lot sooner.

The Benefits:

  • Obtain a higher income quickly
  • Shoo away the non-serious “lookie-loos”
  • Serious entrepreneurs only… Stronger community
  • Each sale turns a high profit!

The Challenges: 

  • Less leads which means less sales… (but again, each sale turns a high profit!)
  • High entry fee may discourage many
  • Higher investment from you which means you need to be serious!

I call them “challenges” because they’re not negatives… They’re just challenges. Whie true, you may get less conversions of sales into your business from a big ticket business, each sale is worth $500-1,000 (or more)!

Now compare $50 per referral vs $500-1,000 per sale… Which looks better?? 

I personally just entered into a big ticket business… I will reveal all the details and provide a link for you if you wish to join me on this adventure, but for now, think about how you can personally benefit from a big ticket business!

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