Freedom Of Speech? What Freedom Of Speech? – The Phil Robertson Issue

C’mon let’s be real, it was only a matter of time before a bigger name was targeted by GLAAD and the LBGT community. Unfortunately, the target here was Phil Robertson.

So What Happened To Phil Robertson?

For the record, I don’t watch Duck Dynasty… For that matter, I don’t watch anything on A&E in general. I’m just not a fan and nothing there peaks my interest. I did see Duck Dynasty once at my mother-in-law’s house but that was it.

To be honest, I enjoyed it – although not enough to start watching it on a regular basis. That’s just me.

Now, you know by now Phil Robertson was interviewed by GQ magazine, yadda-ya… and of course, the hot topic of today is what are his thoughts on the PRIVATE bedroom habits of two same gender individuals…

And… because Phil Robertson is a multi-millionaire with a Christian faith and doesn’t give a crap, he said how he felt.

The result? An ugly presentation of his interview plus being expelled from his own show and TV network.

Why Was Phil Robertson’s Statement Wrong?

phil-koranI’m not going to get into breaking down his quotes line-by-line… I’ve already seen that when people want drama – they’ll find it in the most unlikely of places. I will pose this question though:

“Why was Phil Robertson’s statement wrong?”

The common responses:

  • It was hateful!
  • It was closed minded and ignorant!
  • Did you read what he said about black people?

Realistically, you need to ask yourself:


Facebook has exploded over the last couple days about this topic, but my argument isn’t about what specifically he “SAID”… it’s the fact that action was taken against him BECAUSE of what he said!

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Freedom Of Speech? Hell, No!

Look at this graphic:


Okay, bringing up President Obama is opening another can of worms… IGNORE that side… LOOK at the caption over Phil. He gave a personal opinion about a personal belief that affects NO-ONE. 

To be fired for it is an infringement of our freedom of speech and it HAS TO STOP!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to think there are still intelligent people in the world, so please consider this…

I’m not here to discuss what Phil said or whether it was “right” or “wrong”… He could have said “Hail Lucifer” for all I care…

You can disagree with him.

You can choose to resent him.

But you are NOT allowed to discipline him for what he believes. When that happens, YOU become the criminal to this free nation! 

I get that the LGBT community is now a strong force fighting for their rights… good for them. However, their methods of doing so are through sick ways of imposing a hypocritical double standard as it works for their benefit alone… like that kid you remember playing cards or board games with who made up new rules as you played to ensure he / she would win every time!

As a friend of mine said:

“Freedom of speech is alright so long as everyone agrees with you…..”