Knave of Hearts: The Modern Han Solo?

Okay, I don’t normally like to open up about which TV shows I watch, because everybody has an opinion…

Still, I gotta speak up on this on…

My wife and I have been watching ABC’s Once Upon A Time In Wonderland…Why? Well, to be honest, we’re BIG fans of the original series, Once Upon A Time. If you haven’t seen that series yet, you’re missing out! It’s on its third season now and it’s become so popular, the execs at ABC thought it warranted an Alice In Wonderland spinoff…

…and that would have been a welcome addition… until they botched it up big time!

Then again, at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, after all… it’s ABC – a subsidiary of Disney: The KING of bad sequels!

So with Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, one of the main characters, Knave of Hearts is accompanying our heroine, Alice on a journey to rescue her genie heart throb, Silas from the clutches of the Red Queen and (oddly enough) JAFAR (yes, from Alladin)…

Now, again… that all sounds cool… BUUUT then you come across something like this:

Knave Of Hearts IS The Modern Day Han Solo!

First of all, the Knave Of Hearts is supposed to be one bad mamma jamma. I mean, look at Tim Burton’s rendition:

StayneTheKnaveOfHeartsinTimBurtonsAliceInWonderlandilosovicstayneknaveofheartsPretty bad, huh? I mean bad in the “Cool” way… Dude has an eye patch in the shape of a heart for crying out loud – that’s pretty bad! Again.. bad as in “cool”.

Now look at ABC’s version:

Michael-Socha-e1364713544812Umm… huh? What the heck happened?

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I’m all for different visions on certain characters and Knave of Hearts isn’t THAT integral of a character, so I’m okay with the change up… HOWEVER, the DUDE IS HAN SOLO!

HAN SOLO EVIDENCE #1: Renegade In Debt

Now the show is still pretty new. It’s still in it’s first season and I think it’s only about 4 or 5 episodes deep, so we still have a lot of ground to cover in terms of character development but even after only 4 of 5 eps, we can already see where ABC is taking this guy.

One of the obvious reasons this version of Knave is Han Solo is the fact that he owes a lot of DANGEROUS people a lot of money…

OH and his BIGGEST debt… belongs to a LARGE monster like creature…

In this case… it’s the iconic smoking caterpillar. BUT I can’t help but think the caterpillar in this series resembles another LARGE monster like creature who is after a renegade human that owes him money…

… Now WHO was that creature again?…


Oh that’s right… FREAKIN’ JABBA THE HUT!!!

In STAR WARS, Han Solo travels with the hero Luke Skywalker to barter with Jabba for an extension on his debt… Jabba, being the greedy creature he is, agrees but admits he would be delighted to see Han Solo fail his mission and die before paying his debt.

In ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND, Knave of Hearts travels with the hero ALICE to barter with the Caterpillar for and extension of his debt… The Caterpillar being the greedy creature he is, agrees but admits he would be delighted to see Knave fail his mission and die before paying his debt.

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Course, what would you expect from the company that BOUGHT the Lucas Films franchise??? They can pretty much rip whatever they want and not get sued coz they OWN the rights to Star Wars!


I was willing to shrug off that one instance of similarities, I mean after all.. there’s no “original idea” anymore…


… within the SAME EPISODE, Knave of Hearts is paralyzed by Jafar (yes… Jafar) and is TURNED-TO-STONE!

[[I looked for an image of this but the episode came out today so I’ll throw one up here when I find a screenshot of it.]]

Now, did HAN SOLO get turned to stone?




Okay okay… for the Star Wars buffs out there… it’s not STONE, it’s Carbonite. Fine… Does that really matter?

POINT GIVEN! The dude is a ROCK just like Han Solo was!

I turned to my wife and asked her if she remembers that from Star Wars… She doesn’t.

But this was too much for me to ignore!

I Hope Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Gets Better… But I’m Not Holding My Breath!

The original series that this spun from was engaging from the very beginning and that’s why it’s three seasons deep and still pulling in views. I really want Wonderland to work, but they gotta come up with ORIGINAL IDEAS… or at LEAST not be so blatant about copying another’s ideas…

Granted, you CAN’T get sued but COME-ON!

Another bad thing about this show (I’ll say this more as a footnote and end it here) is the scenery is HORRENDOUS! You can clearly tell everyone is standing in front of a GREEN SCREEN. I mean, there are times where the scenery is even just a still image and when people are walking in front of it, you see a clear distinction between the REAL people and the background!

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It’s like they’re working on a 1/3 of the budget the original Once Upon A Time is getting!

Now before you defend the series and say that Wonderland is supposed to look so imaginary that it’s meant to look exaggerated… Let me just say this…

The original Once Upon A Time had an episode taking place in Wonderland and THAT looked  a HECK of a lot better than this!

Get it together, ABC!

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