Want A Successful Blog? C – Is For Community!

Bringing people to your blog is a lot like talking to a girl at a bar… You gotta buy them a “drink” so to speak.

Many bloggers do the typical thing: They write a blog article and post it… share it on their social networks… then they sit back and wait for the magic to happen… Magic that will never come.

Then they wonder: “HUH?”

I admit I’ve been one of those myself. I’ve written articles and sat back thinking as long as I wrote some highly targeted keywords that it would draw in organic traffic from search engines and flood my blog with visitors willing to soak in anything I say.

My results: I kept waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

Oh, and I waited!

Blogs Are Meant To Communicate – SO COMMUNICATE!

Since when have you ever communicated with someone without ever wanting to hear back form the person you’re communicating with? Communication is a two-way street. This is why bloggers sit and wait for comments to roll in on their articles but that’s not how it works…

If that’s what we’re doing, then it would only make sense to assume other people are carrying the same expectation.

It’s like being at a club and seeing someone you want to dance with checking you out but standing still at the other side of the room. You’re interested in them… they’re interested in you… but all you do is check each other out and NEITHER of you makes the choice to approach each other.


How To Communicate With Other Bloggers

If you want to bring people to your blog… you gotta go to other people’s blogs. They want the SAME THING you want! SOOOoo… if you give them what they want – they may give you what YOU want 😀

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Makes sense?

Now in order to effectively communicate with other bloggers, remember to be real. Be yourself. Being genuinely interested in what someone has to say on their blog will heavily encourage them to reciprocate.

After all, we’re all looking to connect with each other in some form or fashion. We all desire attention, but in order to get attention, sometimes you have to be the first to give it.

So to sum up:

  • Visit OTHER people’s blogs
  • Comment on their articles
  • Be GENUINELY interested and offer actual feedback!!!

People can tell when you’re not sincere. Comments that don’t reflect the content of the article you’re responding to will often be shrugged and you won’t get feedback on your own blogs from it.

So don’t SPAM.

Hope this helps!

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