What To Talk About In Your Blog

The BLANK SCREEN… that blinking cursor… It haunts your very essence… You find it hard to sleep at night…

writers-blockIn fact, since I can’t think of what to talk about, I’m going to talk to you about what to talk about! Fun, right?

Okay, so you just started your blog and you’re not sure what to write about. Of course, before you begin, you need to find your niche. For help on what a niche is and how to find it, please read this article I wrote about it.

If you found your niche, then you have a basic understanding of who your audience is. Remember, your goal with your blog is to answer the problem of your niche. As long as you have identified this, you’ll be in good shape.

What if you don’t know what the problem is? That’s okay. What you need to do is take some time to Google through your niche and research some common articles. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel – just take notes on the common topics used in articles and build from that.

Now That I Know Who My Niche Is, What Do I Write?

You need to remember that your blog is a journal or diary that everyone gets to read. This means that you need to have a certain informal and loose tone with your writing style. You’re not writing essays for a school term paper, you’re just being yourself and jotting down your own thoughts.

This is great, because you don’t have to be a professional writer. You don’t even have to spell everything correctly. A typo here and there may remind your audience that you’re just a regular guy. I don’t recommend throwing in typos on purpose – I’m just saying you don’t have to beat yourself up over it if you happen to let one slip by now and again.

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As for what to write, remember that you’ve researched your niche. You know your audience. Pick out those common topics and write them in your own words in your own way. Your perspective may not line up with other bloggers, but that may actually work in your favor. Just be honest and be yourself!

What About My Tone?

The tone of voice is what is reflected in your writing style, so be careful not to copy someone else’s tone. While it’s never entirely clear how to determine a tone from one blog to the next, many avid readers may be able to pick up on it. You’re most likely dealing with the type of people who still read newspapers or eBooks. These guys are daily readers, so do your best to let your hair down and just be yourself.

It’s a good idea to be funny and witty in your article. You gotta make sure you write in a style that will keep a person’s attention, so don’t fill your article with just facts –  throw in some funny anecdotes or a story to switch things up.


A Good Article Has Balance

Your article needs to have a good flow to it, so remember that with any article, you have a beginning, a middle and an ending.


The way you start your article sets the tone for how the reader will expect to react. Also, this is the point where your reader will decide whether this article is worthy of their time or not, so throw your bait out there. Start out with something gripping like either a question or a short story. Stories are entertaining, so the mind naturally gravitates towards entertainment. Also, a question elicits a reaction from the mind, so if you start out with a question, your reader will be compelled to respond, which will urge them to keep reading.

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The meat of your article only delves further in detail from the way you start your article. This means there needs to be a consistency between the intro and the content. Don’t start off with the article and go a totally different direction afterward. Your reader wants to know that you are a well educated and organized writer. Think of your central topic and don’t deviate from it.


Again, you don’t want to deviate from your central topic. In the intro, you told them what you’re going to tell them; In the content, you told them; Now, in the outro you’re going to tell them what you’ve  told them (ever heard this before?)

Find a way to summarize everything that was said during the article, but make it short and sweet.

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